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Having fun looking at the stars.

Orion Nebula  March  6, 2010 


Dave & Susan




Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Little Blair Valley

Blair Valley is situated between Granite Mountain and Whale Peak, accessible along County Road S-2 south of California Route 78. This region offers two-wheel drive accessibility, hiking trails, primitive camping, and cultural and natural history resources.

Blair Valley contains four established hiking trails: Marshal South Home, Pictographs, Morteros trails and a branch of the California Riding and Hiking Trail, which descends from the Cuyamaca region and passes through Blair Valley on its way to the Visitor Center in Borrego Springs. This, the longest trail in the park, rises to nearly 5,000 feet and drops to below 1,000 feet in Borrego Valley, exhibiting a wide variety of different habitats.

Recreational vehicle campers enjoy the flat areas surrounding the Blair lake bed, while tent campers disperse farther out into the nearby coves around Little Blair Valley. These two playas were connected lakes during the ice age. A rocky ridge now separates Blair dry lake bed (about 2,500 feet in elevation) from that of Little Blair. A dirt road, accessed from Highway S-2 at mile marker 23, makes an 8-mile loop around the ridge and passes by both lake beds.


Allen G  Got to dig a hole for POOP!
Dave G  Setting up.
Susan & Allen in the morning